Vineyard Gardens

Los Angeles, CA
Bill Nicholas: project designer for nancy goslee power
Gardens and a wine-tasting room were designed for a winemaker on his 24-acre vineyard in Bel Air, California. Attached to a non-descript ranch house, the wine-tasting room needed to emerge unobtrusively from a rambling one-story roofline, while at the same time offer the occupants a dramatic phenomenal experience from within. The interior is a simple double height space that soars upward from its adjacent more compressed space. From this room, one is also afforded expansive views of the vineyard beyond. The tasting room is surrounded by a wrap-around cedar pergola and porch that serve as an extension of the usable floor area and connects all of the interior spaces to the garden. A sunken lawn and new tank fountain/lap pool serve to further define this formal garden court. All of the stonework was fabricated on site. Boulders of Santa Barbara stone were trucked in, split and milled on site.