Hollander 2 Residence

Los Angeles, CA
addition and renovation, art gallery. 6,500 s.f.
This project is a major renovation and addition to a 1950's era ranch house in a canyon in West Los Angeles that seeks to reinterpret the Ranch House. The new design aims to redefine the disposition of spaces (public to private) and introduce a more reasonable and elegant entry sequence. Each room serves double duty as gallery space to accommodate the client's extensive art collection. An open kitchen, family and breakfast room serve as the new nexus for the family. A large skylight at the ceiling ridge reveals the canopy of a century-old oak tree. Window walls pocket away to further connect interior spaces to the courtyards and gardens. Materials were chosen for compatibility with the client's art, including specific wall tiles to highlight their 20th century American pottery collection.
Phase 2 of the project under design: a freestanding 2,500 sq. ft. art gallery.