Hollander Residence

Los Angeles, CA
7,500 s.f.
This new residence and the surrounding landscape were designed for clients who owned rare Arts & Crafts furniture and a substantial Contemporary British Art collection. Integration of the outside and inside is achieved by connecting social rooms, such as the dining room and living room, to unique outdoor patios and gardens, as well as creating interesting views throughout the house to the gardens beyond. The house is designed to produce various qualities of light throughout the spaces during different times of day, both to enhance the architecture and to complement the art.
The principal public rooms, such as the dining room and living room, are designed as linked pavilions with unique ceilings and roof. The residence has five bedrooms and six baths, and a large kitchen that opens onto an informal dining area and den. Outdoor spaces include three large terraces, two covered porches, a parterre rose garden, a pool surrounded by lawn, barbecue, outdoor fireplace, and three fountains. The primary exterior materials are smooth-trowel plaster and redwood siding with a bonderized flat-seam metal roof. The interior surfaces include wood screens, skim-coated plaster, mosaic tile accents, and bamboo floors and ceilings.